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Super voids baffle scientists  

A super void has been discovered scientist ten and one has been found recently that is estimated to be aorund 1.8 billion light years across where at 10,000 galaxies should be there but have now disappeared. Scientist are unable to… Continue Reading →

Budget PCs Endless San Francisco

A company named endless which is based in San Francisco has a developed a desktop PC that is more accessible for user that are on a low budget. All the consumer needs a keyboard, mouse and tv screen to use. This… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Teaser trailer 2 Revealed 

A brand new trailer the seventh star wars film the force awakens was released yesterday. It showed never before clips of the new film which showed some of the characters in the film and some also very familiar ones right… Continue Reading →

Sue Perkins twitter break and James May comment

I think it is very stupid see people sending extremely nasty messages to threatening to kill someone just because they replace someone on a tv show and the rumor of her taking on top gear wasn’t even true!!! Sue Perkins… Continue Reading →

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