Zano mini-drones fail


A United Kingdom based firmed has failed to deliver a min-drone. It was crowd funded by 12,000 people and which made up to £2 million.  They have started an investigation as to why it has failed.

The drone was supposed to be controlled via an app which the user can control on their smart phone.

Paris Attacks


This is the worst attacks on France’s mainland and Europe in a decade. I hope everyone in France and the world stands up to these terrorists. They are not Islamic or part of any other religion they need to be stopped and brought to justice  they are just murderers and nothing more.


Early Reviews from critics for SPECTRE


There have been some very positive comments from film critics about the new James Bond Film SPECTRE   and some saying that the opening sequence was the intros for bond film.

They were impressed with the real stunts, some gadgets and car chases and also the Bond Women. With Andrew Scott added to the new line up they have not said much on his performance as the new member of the secret service who trying  to close down the “00” program while M is trying to stop him and still not a lot of plot has been revealed either.

I am looking forward to the film and will be adding my own comments next weeks. It looks like it’s going to be more action packed than skyfall with massive budget which they went over by a lot.