VW software cheat


There are now lots of question being asked about VW since they have been caught out by creating software that the emissions test. This was discovered by scientists this California. This will inevitably damage their reputation and they will have a hard time building up trust from dealerships and costumers since there cars are supposed be one of the most eco friendly on the market.

I don’t think it matters on the type of car you drive it’s the way you drive it. You can save a lot money and help the environment by driving sensibly. You can do this by not driving aggressively and at speed. Try find times in your day where is would be better to walk and not use your car depending on distance.


UK team plans to send message to aliens


A team of UK researches have decided too compose message to be to aliens but the team are very divided on what they want to put into the message.

The UK team have set up a competition in which the winner which offers $1 Million prize in creating the digital. However there is some concern weather such a message should be sent at all and if any one wants to reply.   They will create the message even if it is never sent into space.

Google takes on apple and android pay

google pay

Google has created their own version of the payment system and go into competition with apple and android.  There are one million locations in the US where you can use android payment system.

The tap-to-pay system will compete with Apple Pay in the burgeoning mobile payments market.

The market is estimated to be worth $1tn (£650bn) in 2017.