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Jurassica dinosaur museum model unveiled

This is a new underground based theme park and that set in the Jurassic period. The theme park will be built into a subterranean quarry in Dorset.  This park will have a translucent roof and will show a snapshot of the… Continue Reading →

Power Rangers short film taken down

A fan made film of the power rangers series was released a few weeks ago. Due to legal actions youtube was forced to take the film offline. I was lucky enough however to watch it and I thought it was… Continue Reading →

Brain-controlled drone shown off by Tekever in Lisbon

wThis type of drone has been developed that users can pilot the drone the person’s brainwave patterns. The company that created this type of drone “Telever” said that the technology could be in short term be used to enable pilots… Continue Reading →

The order 1886

This is a single player third person shooter that has been developed by gaming company Red At Dawn. This game looks incredible to me and I can’t wait to play on it. This game has had some criticism of length,… Continue Reading →

Mock the week scenes we’d liked see

This is some `of the best of Mock the week scenes we’d liked see. I love this show. This is some very old stuff but still I hope you enjoy.    

Canadian MP blames tight underpants for exit from parliament

Yes this is not a joke. This is one of the most original excuses ever given to leaving parliament. The MP said his the underpants he was wearing was making it difficult for him to sit through each vote. Another… Continue Reading →

Milton Jones Mock the week news reel

This is one of my favorite stand up comedians. His jokes are all one liners and I think they are hilarious every single. Hope you enjoy it!  

Lenovo taken to task over ‘malicious’ adware

The computer lenovo have been forced to remove adware from it’s PCs and laptops because the users expressed anger over the spyware. This kind of software will inject adverts into different web browsers. This software is know as superfish and… Continue Reading →

Alien star system buzzed the Sun

According to scientists an alien star passed through our solar system some 70 000 years ago. The team said it came 5 times closer to than our nearest star Proxima Centauri. This object is known as a red dwarf  known as… Continue Reading →

Mars one mission

This is a new project that is being created and are giving people a chance to leave earth and live on mars for the rest of their lives. This project was created by dutch billionaire Bas Lansdorp, co-founder & CEO of… Continue Reading →

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